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Polarity Treatments Available From Arena Polarity

Polarity Therapy • Ayurvedic Energy Medicine • Pressure-Point Balancing
Polar Energetic Exercises • Vegetarian Cleansing Diets

What does Polarity Therapy do?

Polarity Therapy charges you up! This is the only therapy that has Bodywork, Polar-Energetic exercises and three diets to keep you harmonized, centered, and feeling remarkable. Harmony comes from the Great Sound Current that reverberates throughout our entire being, especially the spine. This sound current keeps us in tune with our surroundings or, because of bad thoughts, it can make us feel out of tune or disconnected.

Dr. Randolph Stone, who created Polarity Therapy once said, “Life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony. It is a symphony of all things, which exist in major and minor keys of Polarity. It blends the discords, by opposites, into a harmony that unites the whole into a grand symphony of life. To learn through experience in this life, to appreciate the symphony and lessons of life and to blend with the whole, is the object of being here.”

This Sound Current keeps our moods good, bad or indifferent. It also defines us as having low, high, or mediocre energy. All of this happens as a result of our mental and emotional states. Our body suffers the pangs of our mind; a stiff neck and tight shoulders are carrying the weight of the world, and are taking too much responsibility. Lower back pain can be the result of feeling ungrounded, or the inability to move forward in life.

Polarity Therapy attends to these conditions through bodywork, pressure point balancing, the three diets and Polar-Energetic exercises. Obstructed, jammed energy is liberated and set free and relief is realized and deeply felt.

Can Arena Polarity help me?

Here are just a few clients of Arena Polarity describing the benefits of Polarity Therapy, in their own words.

"My work with James Arena changed my life. Through a series of interactions he opened me to the realities of my current life as I was living it, and allowed me to explore new opportunities, leading to a richer, fuller and more healthful one. He is a true alchemist in the way he is able to work with the raw materials present, and turn them into something more beautiful, more natural and more enriching. Through his therapeutic skills, James helped me become more of the person I was born to be, and at the same time, to rejoice in the magnificence of that. I owe a great deal to my ability to survive aggressive cancer because of James."
- Margaret Highfield
Great Britain

"Thank heavens James was there when I had been through several traumatic events in my life. I made more strides and progress in 3 series of polarity treatments with him than I did with all the psychotherapy, analysis, and body work that I had, put together. I guess I was ready to move swiftly through the issues in the very creative and comprehensive way that James works. Blockages lift more easily when the facilitator senses your flow. It's like with the game jump rope, he knows just when to enter and when to leave."
- Dr. Laura Thompson
Encinitas, CA

"In over 20 years of practice I have had a lot of body work performed by great number of practitioners. Some have demonstrated excellent technique, others have offered new and exciting approaches and there are many that I just never bothered to go back to. James brings to his clients a combination of great techniques and unique insight and delivers it with a level of caring that I see in few people. That is why I feel he is the class of his profession."
- Dr. Robert Kilroy, D.C.
Santa Monica, CA

"James is truly an exceptional teacher. Drawing from numerous traditions, he combines Polarity Therapy, Gestalt, Cranial-Sacral, Native American and Eastern traditional healing philosophies, melding them to form a pragmatic, integrated, and profound approach to wellness."
- Lawrence Greb
Los Angeles, CA

"For 30 years James Arena has fostered natural harmony and resolution for countless individuals through his unique and special practice of polarity therapy. He is a born healer and we at Moonview Sanctuary have benefited from his special energy since our startup in 2004. Every client of ours who has experienced his gifts has been moved in ways we have rarely seen. What a blessing he is."
- Jerry Levin, Director, Moonview Sanctuary
Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Inc. (Retired)
Los Angeles, CA

“James Arena took me as a client years ago when I was in a low point physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through his Polarity Treatments and positive support, I recovered from a seemingly insoluble situation. My creative life is fuller and richer now than it has ever been. I owe a great debt of gratitude for the work he has done for me and I urge anyone to give his methods a try. It can’t hurt!"
- Edie McClurg
Hollywood, CA

"James Arena is the best and most gifted bodyworker I have ever known! His many years of experience have resulted not only in a perfected technique but also a profound intuitive faculty. He is a genius at releasing physical, as well as emotional and mental blocks to energy flow. I have come to James in times of deep physical crisis and his work has always brought me back into a state of complete relief and balance."
- Amanda Foulger
Shamanic Practitioner

"I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience James Arena as a teacher. I feel it has been a spiritual fulfillment. He is very passionate and has a deep spiritual body connection about Polarity and Dr. Stone’s philosophy. James has motivated me with his passion to fulfill my own personal dreams. He has inspired me in many ways. I have done a lot of my own personal healing and also have found answers to a lot of spiritual questions that I have been in search of since I was a child. I learn something new every time I have experience one of his classes."
- Carmen Marrero
Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
Tempe, AZ


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