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The History Of Polarity
Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O., D.N., was a visionary and bright star in the world of healing and spiritual growth. Dr. Stone understood that we are more than mere flesh, blood, and mind. We are also Soul Energy wanting to manifest itself through the body and mind. This desire is a struggle and leaves us with an overwhelming need to find truth and fulfillment in our lives. Thus the saying, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Born in Austria in the late 1800’s Dr. Stone became an Osteopath, then a Chiropractor and Naturopath. He felt that there was more to healing than just mere manipulation and medication. This source of energy is within every system, whether an atom, a solar system, a human being, or the universe. It is called “soul” energy. Energy has its own pattern of direction thru positive and negative poles and to be healthy the energy has to flow easily to and from its source. Energy is stepped down from spiritual energy to mental, emotional, then physical.

Dr. Stone traveled the globe studying how small, ethnic cultures dealt with mental and physical illness and discovered that there was an amazing connection to all those cultures. All of them believed in energy, or the soul current, and that this current can be healed and revitalized.

Diet, nutrition, and exercise became an integral part of Polarity Therapy. Dr. Stone created easy stretching postures, or western yoga, to help relieve pent up stagnant energy in the body. These exercises are a wonderful adjunct to the therapy. He then went on to incorporate an energetic approach to food and that there are different types of electrical charges and healing possibilities in all the varieties of the vegetable kingdom.

Dr. Stone was also an avid lover of spiritual mysticism and incorporated that philosophy into the Polarity principles. Dr. Stone became an American citizen and moved to Chicago, where he lobbied the Medical Association to adopt the Polarity principles and philosophy. He began teaching seminars and workshops to doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. Dr. Stone believed wholeheartedly that Energy principles used in the right way could heal people from mental, emotional and physical ailments. It was his hope that Polarity Therapy would be used by medical doctors as well as seekers of the truth and that all would benefit from this holistic approach to well being. His teaching went on for years until he retired in India and lived his remaining years as an ascetic. It is said that he was exercising and squatting up until the day he died in 1981 at the age of 92. Dr. Stone’s life and teachings have led many to appreciate, study, and practice his work, keeping it alive for years to come.


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