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About Polarity Therapy

Our bodies are conduits of electricity, atomic energy, or chi. During our lives, this energy is being used and as we use it, we restore it through rest and nutrition. Depending on many factors that affect our energy, we are either healthy, or not healthy. Polarity therapy helps restore vitality through diet, exercises, and healthy lifestyle.

These electrical currents are the foundation of Polarity Therapy and its application. Charging and recharging the blocked, emotional pulsations of how the mind influences the body and ultimately the spirit. Polarity not only calms the nervous system in the body, but also gives you a sense of total centeredness and harmony.

Polarity Therapy has several different areas of focus. Each of these areas has it's own unique bodywork, which Polarity Pressure-Point Therapy focuses on. The rivers of life run through these chakras in fields of vibrations and electricity.

The Chakra Elements


Of all the creatures on Earth, man has the most chakras. We are the only ones that walk on two legs and have to clothe and shelter ourselves from the elements. Each chakra has its own function, and together they keep us in harmony.
Located below the spine, it is the foundation of the body. It is in the bones where base emotions exist, such as surviving fear and living in courage. This element targets the neck, colon, and knees. This is the first polarity.
Located in the pelvis or “Noah’s Ark”, it carries our sexual preservation, instincts, and how we attach ourselves to each other. This element affects the shoulders, pelvis, and feet. This is the second polarity.
Located in the belly and solar plexus, it keeps us warm, digests our food, and expresses our power, anger, and frustration. This element effects the head, intestines, solar plexus, and thighs. This is the third polarity.
Located in the lungs and heart, it is the center of love, desires, compassion, and forgiveness. The heart, lungs, kidneys, and ankles are the governing areas of this chakra. This is the fourth polarity.
Located in the thyroid and other glands that create the space between our lower and higher self with all the feelings of less than and longing to know spirit. The spaces in the joints are governed by this chakra. This is the fifth polarity.
How Energy Flows In The Five And Six Pointed Stars

The six-pointed star is in the back of the body, the spine, and the brain. It keeps us standing up against the forces of gravity and nature.

The spine is also the center of the nervous system. It is the nervous system that needs to be soothed. Once the nervous system is composed then our minds are free to think clearly. Doing whatever it takes to soothe the nervous system: meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, or rich bodywork, will bring relief back to our thoughts and spirit.

Cerebral spinal fluids act as conveyors of light energy and bathe the spinal cord for the mind to function clearly. It is the medium for life force and energy in the body. When cerebral spinal fluids are present and running smoothly, there is life and healing taking place. When it is blocked, spasms, stagnation, and pain occur, like gears on a bike, which clash instead of meshing in their operation.

The five-pointed star is in the front of the body and nurtures through the organs and chakra elements.

The Ways Energy Moves In The Body
The Caduceus
Air Principle
Fire Principle
Water Principle

From the core pattern of the caduceus, energy becomes a radiant, pulsing field of spirals which define the body in three dimensions: side to side, back to front, and top to bottom.

The Caduceus locates the centers of energy transformation moving from subtle to dense and back in five specific steps.

Air Principle - Side to Side. Neutral Balance. Sattva. Stillness.

Fire Principle - Back to Front. Positive Action. Rajas. Expansion.

Water Principle - Top to Bottom. Negative Reaction. Tamas. Contraction.

The composite shape of the three principles shows the weaving effect created by the three principles in their dynamic movement. Babbit's Atom can be seen in the combination. Notice the congestion of lines at the neck. A natural tendancy for tension exists at this major crossroads.


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